Hospital Bag Essentials. 2nd Time Around.

During my first pregnancy, I packed the world in my hospital bags. A two-page itemized list stuffed into two giant duffle bags. The only things missing were most important – like extra underwear for the hubs. I was completely packed at 32 weeks pregnant. Nursery clean. Laundry complete. Car seat in the car. Ready.

Now 37 weeks pregnant (I delivered Jack at 37 weeks), I haven’t even considered my bag. The nursery is still in progress. The bottles and nipple shields aren’t washed. Car seat is still in the basement. And my new breast pump is still in the box. The humorous part is I’m not stressed. They say the second time is different, but not one ounce of me has been the same. 

So here's my take on packing for the hospital after having lived through it before. No need for trashy magazines, books or such.  Anticipation of meeting the family newbie is interesting enough. I’ve also crossed off underwear, bras, nightgowns and much of the other “suggested” items to bring. The hospital provides outfits and underwear, a godsend after delivery. Pretty sure last time I lived in them longer than my three-day hospital stay. They also have a complimentary toiletry kit, so no need for shampoo/conditioner, body wash or toothpaste.  Trust me, moments after birthing a baby you won’t care about salon products. Here’s my essential list:

The Hospital Bag

For Me:
Sports & nursing bras (just one each)
Comfortable “going home” outfit (pants, tank, sweatshirt)
Basic toiletries: toothbrush, hairbrush, lotion, hair ties, deodorant
Basic makeup: like mascara and foundation
Chap stick
Nipple shield

For Hubby:
Shirt, pants & sweatshirt
Cash (food)

For Baby:
Four PJs (Jack threw up a lot last time. Lived in his diaper.)
“Going home” outfit
Warm blanket

Ipod & Speakers
Camera (charged)

Last-minute throw in:
Wallet/Insurance card/ID
Cell phone (which has pediatrician’s number)
Laptop (if we remember)

Newborn Jack, who's now two.

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