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A Little on Leah

I'm Leah. Former journalist turned working mom of two. Jack, an insanely active kindergartner, and Ella, a defiant and sweet preschooler. Wife to Justin, a super humorous guy of all trades.

With a degree in journalism and career in communications, I breathe to write. My family is my passion. I fancy a challenge. Get high off the outdoors. Enjoy clever parenting. Live the lake-loving, bonfire-relaxing, snowfort-making Michigan life. 

Since we hitched in May 2008, Justin and I have driven peddle to the floor. Homeowners in May 2009. Jack arrived October 2009. And Ella November 2011. Always said we'd stroll along, but life's no walk in the park, right?

Jack is my mini-twin, but Justin's parallel personality. Skinned knees. Desires speed. Craves thrill. Dreams big.

Ella's more my style. Enjoys peacefulness. Laid back. Friends with anyone. Stubborn and strong-willed. Always laughing at life. 

I don't believe in "mom jeans" and love trendy kid stuff. I'm not typical. Nor is my family. Craftiness has uncovered many parent brilliancies, shared in Tiny Mitten Secrets.

A Little on Tiny Mitten Secrets

I started TMS in June 2011 after realizing the time-consuming treasure hunt it takes to find sustainable kid things without sacrificing stylish standards. 

So, what's with the name? As a 28-ish-year-old mom of two, I have a very small Mommy Club to draw resources from. When I need something, I have to dig. 

"Tiny" is for little loves. "Mitten" represents my first ah-ha parenting discovery and my home state (the Mitt). During the first Michigan winter with with a curious little 18-month-old boy, I needed mittens. I paraded stores. Only discovered fleece, unlined and not water-resistant. A daycare teacher informed me of zip-up, waterproof, durable mittens. Found at sporting good stores. And "Secrets" signifies the simple things uncovered while navigating the maze of parenting without getting trapped in original.

TMS is for parents, grandparents, caregivers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins and basically anyone who has little hands to love and care for. TMS strives to offer discoveries and ideas without surrendering the coolness that makes us young, hip, and ourselves.

Just because we’re parents, doesn’t mean we have to lose our edge on awesome.

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