Dear Baby: 36 Weeks Pregnant

Dear Baby Girl,

Your debut into this wide world is nearly here. At 36 weeks pregnant, I’m nervous we are miles from prepared, but so anxious to kiss your beautiful face. I wonder if you’ll have the captivating eyes of your brother, a trademark of my Mom’s family. And I pray you have more patience than the rest of us, although your aggressive kicks and jabs near mealtimes tell me otherwise.

The room in the womb has grown tight around you. But that hasn’t stopped you from pressing your tiny butt against my ribs or firmly pushing your entire back against my stomach, making me feel as if my skin could split in seconds. Still, I can’t complain. You’ve made our time as one much more enjoyable than your brother did. I’m 40 pounds lighter. Still wearing my wedding band. And comfortably enjoying most of my flat shoes.

I dread sleeping now. The pains of high pressure is unbelievable. My hips feel like they need desperate repair. And our trips to the bathroom are multiplying. Usually at 6 AM, your two-year-old brother crawls in bed, making me crave a king-size bed. Two kids, two dogs, a Mom and Dad aren’t sardines. Lou, our Beagle mix, has already given up. She now dozes in her over-sized dog bed.

Despite my unpleasant of pregnancy, I’m still more than thankful to have you. Every day I dream of who you will become. I picture you at five. Riding a pony, dressed with pink, a smile as attractive as your Dad’s. Or at 12. Your interests changing, maybe ballet or softball. I hope you enjoy dancing. Sports too, but there’s something beautiful about a little girl spinning on stage.

I promise not to compare you to Jack and always support your desires. And although I wish you could stay with me forever, I will let you explore every inch of the horizon. I hope you learn my compassion. Take your father’s humor. And enthusiasm and independence of your brother. I know you won’t hide in Jack’s shadow or look for my hand forever, but find the good in everything. Be gentle to all. Never underestimate yourself. And love with your heart.

I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be

XO's forever,

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