Baby Girl Nursery: The Purple in Peacock

When I started planning Ella's nursery, I was determined to create a room without any pink. Not that I don't like pink. I just figured purple could offset all the pink she wears. And I desired a different nursery. Something unique. Beautiful. And soft.

Ella's nursery is detailed with peacock purples, feathers and patterns. It's delicate and distinctive with just enough girl. The peacock theme started with the nursery blanket I purchased on Etsy and unraveled into paisley-themed patterns and tiny peacocks peeking around.

The glass shelf was left behind from the office that was once was. As soon as Ella sits, the shelf will have to go. But for now, it's a little spot for all things small. The peacock was a gift from her Godmother before she was born. It's the first thing she smiled at. And continues to laugh at it  today.

I stuffed a few peacock feathers from Michael's Arts &Crafts into a vase. Collected her tiny bows and ribbons in a plastic jar. And complete the space with an "E," a gift from her Nonna S.
The changing table necessities. I've had the wooden basket since high school. Never thought I'd be using it to hold baby lotion, powders and supplies.
My favorite piece of the room. The one-of-a-kind wood painted peacock by an amazingly talented artist friend, Kris Caster. Props to my brother-in-law for friending such an awesome person. Ella says thanks.

Caster founded Artcasters, which offers a unique experience for events - live painters. Not the kind that draw big heads on small bodies. But the kind that creates masterpieces of elegant color and creativity. His upscale live painting performances have been featured at top notch local places and events across metro-Detroit. And obviously he also offers personalized gift ideas, paintings and pieces to capture the special moments in life. Check it out at www.artcasters.com.

Another favorite of mine. The lamp shade cover, also a gift from her Godmother. The peacock-inspired design was custom-made by the Etsy shop, Dress a Shade.
As a second-time Mom, I knew the high need of burp clothes. For spitting. Wiping faces. Tummy time. And lots of other baby happenings. I found this basket at Home Goods. Fit perfectly on the bedside table.
Tiny peacocks in every little detail. The light switch cover was a gift from a best friend.

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