Ten Gifts for New Moms

Color me strange, but I love holiday shopping. Not the actual parading of stores part. But, the browsing for the perfect present part. The brainstorming. The thought behind the gift that makes someone smile. Something they need. Could actually use. Or, holds sentimental value.  

I’m a mom. With two kids under four, I’m still considered a “new mom.” I thought finding a present for a frazzled, time-crunching, realistic mom like me wouldn't be difficult. But, talks with family and friends suggest another story. Weird. So, here’s ten gift ideas for new, young and fresh moms. Little or big. Thoughtful or useful. All we would like, need or want for the happiest of holiday.

A pretty scarf.
Trust me, scarves are not something we’re normally browsing when wrangling in tiny speedy munchkins. Above: Scarf from the shop Womann on Etsy.

Wallet plus iPhone case.
Seriously perfect. An iPhone 4/4S case with built-in storage space for credit cards, ID, money, you-name-it. Above: Pink storage/iPhone case by EYN (Everything you Need) on Amazon.

The Reminder Frame.
As parents, we sometimes need a little reminder of why we’re in this together. Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Child Keepsake Jewelry.
I have no jewelry with my kids’ names, birthstones, fingers, hands or feet on them. Nothing. I would cry for this. Above: Child’s handwriting charmfrom J4J Charms on Etsy.

Girlfriend Date.
Mani. Pedi. Dinner. Coffee. Us new moms don’t get girl time often. Unless it’s a tea party with the toddler. Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Maid service gift card. 
I hate HATE cleaning the house. Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Yoga class registration. 
My back hurts all the time. Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Travel coffee mug
I’m always on the go. And, my mugs are always missing. Above: Trudeau Paige 16-ouncestainless teal mug on Amazon.

Good bottle of wine
For those nights following crazy days. Oh yeah, that’s every night.
Photo credit: Pinterest.com

Trendy little LITTLE diaper sac
You can never have enough shoes? So, you can never have enough diaper bags. Especially cute little ones, which is what I use most often. Above: Petunia Pickle Bottom’s SatelliteBackpack. I love love LOVE.

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