Asking for Prayers

Today I was going to post about something funny. Pregnancy related. Or maybe the potty training saga. But instead, my thoughts are with another family. And they need prayers. Lots. 

I've known Courtney since high school. We played basketball together. Spent afternoons listening to music after practice. Typical high school girl things. We were never especially close, but we were not far apart. After college as our families began to grow, naturally we connected again. We've been sharing blog inspiration and social commentary since. 

As my two-year-old Jack and I drove to my final doctor appointment before the arrival of our baby girl, I got a message from a close friend, "Courtney's son has a tumor on his kidney, having surgery today. She said it was cancerous." 

At 39.5 weeks pregnant and mother of one, tears soaked my cheeks. This was too close to home. Next door even. Courtney is an amazing mom. Seven-month-old Easton is a beautifully happy baby. Smiling in literally every photo she posts on her blog and Facebook. I guess lightening really does strike at any time.

"Mommy, you okay?" Jack's concerned voice interrupted my sniffles. I explained that Mommy's friend's baby was sick and I was sad for the family. 

Later I read Courney's blog post today, "My worst nightmare come true," discovering that baby Easton was having surgery today to remove the tumor and his kidney. 

So today I'm writing to ask that everyone who reads this prays for the Metzger family and Easton. Pray Easton recovers quickly, no cancer to follow. And Courtney and her husband Bryan keep the strength they've already shown all the way through. I'm a firm believer of faith in numbers. 

And let little seven-month-old Easton teach us all something about strength, family and not taking the little things for granted.

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