Dear Baby: 37 Weeks Pregnant

Last week I began to chronicle my final weeks of pregnancy. In theme with a new weekly tradition, I will record my thoughts, progress and happenings until we meet our second baby. Due Nov. 29. Anticipated sooner.

Dear Little Girl,

Another week passed. Last week I was raking and leaping in leaves with your brother. This week I can barely walk. The Braxton Hicks contractions are now undeniable, and at times taking my breath away. Sometimes a nerve is pinched when you adjust, making me jolt to yoga poses to ease the tension. After sitting a day away at work, my ankle bones aren’t visible. And you could make maps of the lines surrounding my belly button.

Still, your presence makes me feel more than lucky. Your feet constantly roll across my belly by the minute. Your behind still firmly pressed against my right side, although noticeably lower than past weeks. Hiccups and tiny hands tickle me daily. And I can pinpoint exactly where you’re moving at all times.

Every evening is now capped with a bowl of Life cereal and cup of hot chocolate. And my morning routine has lengthened, despite your Dad pitching in with dressing Jack and unloading the dishwasher.

At this point in pregnancy with Jack, I was induced three days from today. I was placed on bed rest weeks ago with preeclampsia and high blood pressure.  Because of the high risks to both Jack and I, we were induced once he was considered “full term” at 37 weeks. I was swollen. My calves were hard with fluid. And the heat he produced could keep a room warm. If this pregnancy is any indication, you and Jack are completely different.

Your room is ready, aside from a special wall creation by an overwhelmingly artistic friend. Sometimes Jack and I read books in the glider. I cradle him. Remembering the tiny baby he once was. Dreaming of the newborn smell all over again.

Looking forward to you.

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