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Tiny Mitten Secrets is legit. I’m not just a Mommy Blogger. I’m a journalist. My resources are credible. And my opinion is trustworthy. I’ve done the research. Pieced together the best facts. And tell my readers how it is.
In less than a year, TMS has welcomed more than 50,000 hits and visited daily by more than 200 visitors, without much promotion.

I also understand social media and public relations. TMS sponsors and happenings are also promoted via Facebook and Pinterest, reaching more than 1,000 followers combined.  Ocassionally, if applicalble, posts are also featured at Brighton, which offers sponsors the opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

TMS is growing rapidly. So join me today and lets grow together!

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-Product Review Blog Article
-Product Giveaway
-Sidebar Sponsorship

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Betty Clark said...

Leah, what a great writer you are. Enjoyed your thoughts on Jack.
Thanks for sharing.

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