Fishing Around Party Ideas

Jack’s 2nd Birthday is less than a month away. In the new baby hoopla of revamping bedrooms, doors, bathroom, the office and hallway, I misplaced my party-planner hat. I could drive easy street to Party City, but how creative is that?

Sipping my only allowed cup of caffeinated coffee this morning, I started brainstorming inspiration:

Whimsical. Chic. Modern. Trendy. Loving the Three Bears theme, I thought of Jack’s current favorite books. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish. Blue Fish. An absolute favorite.

Theme. Check.

No. 2, decorations: Seuss Land & craft stores
Combine One Fish Two Fish cut-outs & stackable blocks with a few of my own story-inspired crafts and the quirky story should come to party.  Other possibilities include funtocollect.com, fish-a-a-bag soaps from Etsy. Thanks to one of my favorite blogs – hostessblog Seuss’s Happy Birthday to You book will be out for guests to sign a message for Jack.

Décor. Check.

No. 3, treats: Family Fun recipes & such
Who knew there were so many ways to incorporate fish on dessert? I’m thinking some School-o-Fish treats from Family Fun, cupcakes with red & blue icing and various fish candies.

Sweets. Check.

No. 4, food: Fishy style
My own thought is tiny tea sandwiches, cut into fish shapes. A set of homemade tuna salad on wheat & set of chicken salad with grapes on white. Sides of red and green tortellini pasta salad, appetizers of ham/cheese pinwheels and veggie tray.

For a party-themed drink I’m thinking pink lemonade with sliced yellow lemon and squiggle straws. 

Eats. Check.

No. 5 & Final, favors & gifts
I’m still considering the fish-in-a-bag idea. But, here’s a few others I’m tossing around:

Tiny fishbowls with colorful candy
Deck of Go Fish cards
Swedish fish tied in a bag

Gifts. Well, sort of check.


"From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere."

- One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

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JORDAN said...

Such a cute theme! Great resources! Love the project nursery site too.

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