Dear Baby: 39 Weeks Pregnant

Today’s post is a continued series of my final weeks of pregnancy. I began to chronicle at 36 weeks to record my thoughts, progress and happenings until we meet our second baby. Due Nov. 29. Anticipated sooner.

Dear Daughter,

We're days away from due. Most are worrying about having the perfect turkey on Thanksgiving, I'm worrying about having a healthy baby. Most of my thoughts are consumed with your day. Labor. Delivery. Your brother's caregivers. Did I do everything? Are we ready? Some days I feel like I could run a marathon. But most days now I could crumble to the floor my legs & hips feel as if they are 40 years older. Lately I've been trying to coax you out. Every trick I can find. It appears you have your father's stubbornness already.

It's a typically late-November day. Dark, drizzly and brisk. I walked the block at lunch and realized all the leaves are gone from branches. The bark is dark with winter. I'm wrapping up work from the couch today. My last day before you arrive. The doctor advised last week not to travel to my Lansing office. I took that advice as I would see you soon. But, here we are still waiting. 

So here's a bit about what's surrounding our life today:

Your brother, who's just over two, can count to ten and is progressively singing the ABC's

Your Dad started a new job four months ago. He's working "with the cats and dogs," according to Jack.

Justin Verlander, the Detroit Tiger's all-star pitcher, was just named MVP

The Detroit Lions are 7-3, a remarkable achievement, since the team hasn't had a winning season in 30 years. Our state is buzzing with playoffs talk. Currently anticipating the Turkey Day game against Green Bay, 10-0.

Dance parties are a common occurrence in the house. Jack prefers hip hop. Think Lady GaGa, Jay Z, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas. Your parents prefer Adele, Jack Johnson or some good country, but we usually have to wait until after bedtime.

Here's to hoping we meet in the next 24 hours.
Love you already,

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