A Sunday to Remember

Sunday was a monumental day in Jack’s world.

He caught his first fish one year exactly to the day that he started walking. In our family’s outdoor-loving life, this was a big moment. As we paddled along, Jack held my rod – “mine, Momma!” – trolling for fish. The line snagged, I thought seaweed. We reeled it in to discover a small bass.

“I caught it!” Beaming proud.

Of course, we didn’t have the camera. But Jack closely examining his fish, carefully touching its gills, our boat leisurely rolling over the tiny waves, the late-summer breeze reminding us of fall – all remains a snapshot in my memory.

Since then, Jack has been reminding us of his catch. Reliving the moment.
“Bishy (fish). I caught it! Boat!”
He now sleeps with unhooked lures in each hand – “bishies!”
They go where we go.
Guess its time to purchase Jack his own fishing pole.

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