Love Letters: Nana's Little Jack

Today features another post to my “Love Letters" series. Capturing thoughts, advice and memories for Jack and his soon-to-be new baby sister. The series is randomly posted and sprinkled among my typical discovery blogs. All from family and friends tied to Jack ‘n baby. All assorted thoughts of love and hugs. Today is featuring a note from Nana T., my mother-in-law.

My Dear Little Jack,

Watching you grow is a wonderful teary eyed trip down memory lane for your Nana. I see a little clone of your daddy with an extra added spice from you Jack. It is heart warming to experience all the mischief that you have already gotten yourself into (all of which has been mostly harmless, although I am beginning to wonder about the "jumping down" from various objects). At least you haven't figured out how to get to the top of the mantel yet and mommy and daddy don't have hanging plants for you to swing from. Every family needs a clown and you are definitely the guy for the job!

I know you will be your gentle little self with your new baby sister. And you will keep her safe from all of your shenanigans. Just let her observe her brave big brother and please, take it easy Mr. Daredevil, Nana isn't as young as she was with your daddy. I love you, little hooligan!


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