Stylish & Sensible Lunch Boxes

In honor of the approaching school year, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite trendy-yet-sensible lunch boxes. You may already know, my toddler’s been munching packed lunches since he was in baby class (see It’s All in the Lunchbox post). As fan of uncovering unoriginal, I’ve recently focused on updating Jack’s lunch container. From eco-friendly bento’s to award-winning cold sacs, here’s a few fun, hip & practical choices:

OOTS Lunch Box

Laptop Lunch Boxes: Simply-stylish bento boxes with no lead, BPA, phthalates or PVC. Easy to clean and all containers are made in the U.S.

OOTS Lunch Box: Durable, eco-friendly contemporary box with its own containers. Easy to clean with a lid designed to hold a water bottle in place.

Pottery Barn Planet Box

Personalized tin boxes to stainless steel boxes with various compartments. The Planet Box is my absolute favorite lunch box invention.

Bobble Lunch Box:  Affordable, modern lunch box known to keep food cold or hot. A mini-water bottle is included.

My Sweet Muffin

My Sweet Muffin: Designed by a worldwide-acclaimed Japanese artist, whimsical & playful designs offer a unique take to the lunch box. Another great gift for parents, new babies, birthdays, etc.

Land of Nod Animal Lunch Bag

Animal Lunch Bags: Super adorable, tiny lunch backpack from Land of Nod featuring animal motifs. Good to keep food cold or hot and easily clips to other backpacks.

Chic Lunch Sacs: Reusable lunch sacs with cute & stylish designs by Katie Kouture on Etsy.

Dwell Studio

Dwell Studio Lunch Boxes: Known for their various modern designs, Dwell’s canvas-covered, simple boxes are insulated to keep food cold or hot.

Taking the environmentally-friendly idea to another level. Here's some hip accessories for the box:

LunchBots: Stainless steel lunch, snack & bento containers with stainless steal lids. You can’t get more eco-friendly then this.

Sandwich Kozies: Replace plastic bags with reusable & stylish food kozies. A set of five is only $25.

LunchSkins Sandwich Bags: Eco-friendly, easy-to-use & chic children designed food pouches. Also have snack bags & sub bags.

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