Before Newborns Unravel

Best friends of ours met their baby girl last week. Their first child, the two were beaming with proud new parent euphoria. On Thursday, our family of three celebrated my birthday by snuggling with one-day-old Lucy Mae. Downy hair. Dimpled chin. Curled into an itty bitty ball.  An overwhelming peaceful quiet.

As I inspected Lucy’s newborness, I reminisced about Jack’s (now weeks away from two years old). Tucked legs and fisted hands of cute only last a handful of weeks. One of the most important elements of your child’s life is capturing those first moments of life. Quickly. Before they disappear into running, jumping and climbing toddlers. Make sure to choose a good photographer too, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime.

Here’s a few of Jack’s newborn photos. He was 4 weeks old. Taken by our very favorite wedding/family/baby photographer, Stela Zaharieva Photography. She’s got a unique way of capturing life.

I’d love to see your baby! Please post a link or share your newborn photos in the comments below. 

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