Bear Room Phase 1: Baby & Blue Gone

Tears collected in my eyes as I watched Justin roll whistling wind green paint over the Carolina blue walls of Jack’s room. For the first time I felt the reality of my snuggling baby sweeping away into the running independent world of childhood. I’ve been so busy absorbing the greatness of toddler Jack that I missed the disappearance of baby Jack.

Cinnamon and dirt smells replaced lavender and fresh powder. Soft dimpled hands and  are covered with markers and cuts. Chubby smooth legs are now lean, tall and speckled with scrapes and bruises. Baby coos swapped for real conversations.

As I watched Jack’s baby room disappear, I reminisced of those new days. Nursing in the glider, sunlight keeping us warm, Jack comfortably enjoying lunch, a tiny hand tucked regularly on my ribs. Changing clothes, singing Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes” with my baby blissfully joining in. Rocking to Alison Kraus’ “Now That I Found You," humming in his ear. Socks that fit on my fingertips. Puppy-soft hair. The way he watched my every move. The concentration when he started to crawl. Baths filled with splashes. And naps on the couch with Jack nuzzled on my chest.

Amazing how I blinked and my baby became a boy.

Here's a few "before" shots of Jack's baby nursery. 

And now the transformation begins...
Jack's also in his "big boy" pants here. Happy day.

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