Stepping Up to the Job

For a few months, my 21-month-old son has been hinting at potty training. Shame on me for ignoring the signs and listening to the, “he’s very young for potty training” comments. He notifies us when he goes number two. Gleefully accepts the tinier than average toilet seat. And, prefers to watch “Elmo’s Potty Time” over anything else.

At Jack’s 18-month check up, the pediatrician noted that most boys aren’t skilled in the bathroom until closer to three. My ambitious son feels otherwise.

Last night, he tinkled into the toilet.
Looked at me with unsure bewilderment. “Uh-oh.”
I instantly cheered, praised and danced.
He beamed and shouted, “Elmo! Elmo!”

Not only hours earlier we’d had his first parent/teacher conference with his daycare toddler teacher. She’d expressed his potty time involvement, noting all her tots were trained by two. Of course, “with the help at home.”

We’d fit Jack’s bathroom throne with the miniature seat months ago, but hadn’t been consistent with the exercise. It’s officially game time.

To complete the venture (we’ve got the books, DVDs and all caregivers on deck), we need a reliable stepping stool.

True fashion, I need something unique and practical. No engraved name, since two littles will be sharing the same stool. Tall and sturdy enough for ease. After sifting the Internet and electronic pages of Etsy, I had a light bulb.

Jack and I can make our own creation!

Ikea ($15-25), Michaels ($15) and other places sell unfinished wood stepping stools. Our basement is bursting with rainbow colors of paint. Why not let the little guy express himself on the ever-so-special stool? For all, it is his palace.

Photos will follow once Jack carves out time to complete the task. But for now, some inspiration.

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cassidy said...

i agree kids are different my kids potty trained by 2

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