Tiny Tools for the Table

Last night I watched my toddler struggle to pin eggs on his tiny plastic fork. He’s got the concept down, but the equipment is making it hard to score. And yes, we had breakfast for dinner (My husband and mom are rolling their eyes at this post).

The pint-size plastic baby utensil sets are wonderful for beginners, but this kid has been trying to master the art of eating for half his life.

A few weeks ago, my neighbor gave us a few of her old children's flatware and my-oh-my, Jack’s an all-star! Funny how something so minuet as grasping a fork can make you cheer like the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in Game 7.
Sorry for the sports comparison, I used to be a sports reporter.

Back to focus. So, after a small bit of research, I found children’s flatware isn’t cheap. Cute, but not cheap. Say, a 3-piece stainless steel set on Amazon for $20. Unless my tot’s headed to a dinner party, I think something basic and inexpensive would suit his needs. Most large retailers (Target, Walmart, etc.) carry rubber-handled utensils for under $5.

But, as always, I just couldn’t settle for the shortcut. 

I returned a dozen times to the adorable, perfectly crafted flatware set.  I started to dig and dig, finally discovering the smart idea of another mom: use cocktail forks! Those are affordable, ever so sparkly and perfectly sized for a tiny hand! They come in packs of four (usually) and are typically around $10-$20 for a decent set. 

Keep in mind, kid's flatware isn't recommended for little ones under 3, but Jack's been using the plastic since he was seven months. Drum sticks at first. Now more of a device to scare the dogs away. 

Can’t wait to see the proud smile on Jack’s face when he consistently scores a few bites. He just gets so proud of himself. His tiny moments like that make my heart beat.

P.S. Land of Nod has some super, duper crafty utensils.

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