Time to Enjoy the Beautiful Treasures

The weekend was a twister.

Jack witnessed his first marriage, serving as ring barrier for my cousin (also known as Lady Antebellum for his resemblance to the tall blonde). We drove over eight hours to the bottom of Kentucky for Jack to execute his duties, which he did in his typical fashion. Quick short-stepped run. Devious grin.

My post today isn’t about some fascinating discovery I unhatched while road tripping. Nor is it about appealing advice I found while quickly sifting through a parent magazine. Between Elmo DVDs and markers, there wasn’t much time for reading.

Today’s theme started 7 a.m. Friday, when I took the oath not to worry tiny troubles into large ones. I was determined not to miss a single smile of memories over the three-day weekend. The thought came as I woke Jack with kisses and he grinned in his sleep.

Tiny moments. Tiny treasures. All easily broken by the reality that we were 45 minutes behind scheduled departure.

My secret pledge proved success as we eased through the activities. Jack filled the rehearsal with kisses to the flower girl and laughing chases with older cousins after dessert.  Wedding day rain kept us out of the pool, but not out of puddles.

Jack beat my expectations. He was charming, social and polite through the wedding formals. His restlessness defeated him during the ceremony, so Justin took him outside to burn calories. Justin was also sucking in every moment. He’d taken a simple video of Jack throwing rocks outside the church. An everyday favorite of Jack’s. Easily forgotten. Preciously caught on film.

Jack ate the catfish. Loved the punch. And, couldn't get on the dance floor soon enough. He welcomingly interrupted the bride and groom's first dance. After that, he only left the floor for cake, a sip of water and to hide under tables.

                         It was a weekend of shiny, beautiful treasures. Not missed, but savored.

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