Not Another Cars-Themed Toddler Room

We're expecting our second child and, naturally, we have to change the nursery into a toddler's room. Since our almost two-year-old won't be a tot for long, I wanted to get some more miles out of the new theme.

I used to babysit a best friend's boys and the two munchkins (tots at the time) absolutely loved the movie Cars. It had just been released and the two enjoyed watching it over and over and over again. We played cars. Colored Cars pictures. Even told new Cars-inspired stories. The Cars phenomenon was still fresh then, and Lightening McQueen was only beginning to leave tread marks on boys' bedrooms.  As I began brainstorming ideas for my toddler's new room recently, I couldn't help but think of Cars. Thanks to today's overboard abundance of Cars-themed items, I was struggling to think beyond the true red and blue kid room idea. Cars has not only taken over the shelves of boys' bedroom ideas, but also my think-tank of inspiration!

I refuse to buy the Cars-themed bed, accessories, sheets or comforter. Jack likes Cars, but Elmo and Curious George are definitely higher on the favorite characters list (still not giving into the oh-so bright red)! I started thinking about what my son likes most. He's heavy into animals. Loves swimming. Constantly whines to go outside. 

The outdoors! 

After researching for hours, I decided to look into basic cabin decor. I discovered an overwhelming amount of pillows, wall hangings, sheets, lamps, night lights and many others fitted with bears, deer, moose and fish. Perfect! Even more so, my son's nickname by all is "Bear" and he is pretty grouchy at time (loving Terrible 2's!!). The piece of art to the left is my inspiration for my son's new room. It's almost creating itself!

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redwings30 said...

Love the blog, Leah!! When I have imagined my kids perfect rooms, they are just like this - non-character themed, organized, and stylish. In fact, I have often thought about doing a room similar to this one (Target had bedding a decor that I loved!) Alas, Iain has a Lightning McQueen bed (don't throw up!) and Braden will probably end up with an Elmo bed...what can I say, they love them! Maybe some day I'll make the call and switch them over to my dream rooms. Who knows, maybe after you get Jack's room done you could post a picture that provides my inspiration! :)

Again, great job and looking forward to more!


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