Capturing Pieces of Michigan's North

A little late on this post, but I’ve been taking action on the many ideas that unraveled during the Fourth of July weekend. Countless use of rocks, sparkling fireworks, a sandy beach and the company of family carved numerous collectable memories to share.

We had trekked to the furthest tip of Michigan’s mitt, where the north’s rocky shoreline has met my Dad’s dream, a log cabin peaking through the woods and the sky-blue Lake Huron. My husband’s Mom and Dad (divorced, but happily co-existing) and my Mom (not divorced, but happily living downstate) also made the trip.

Discovery No. 1: Jack’s addiction to rocks. He absolutely cannot get enough. Luckily, the cabin’s shoreline is littered for miles. While I knew the toddler was obsessed, I never uncovered his compulsiveness to collect, keep and throw until this trip. 

Skipping stones with Dad. He was thrilled with screeches when thrown rocks split on impact. 

I asked my Dad to watch Jack for a little while, then witnessed this bottle-worthy moment. Showing Papa his fascination with gathering and throwing Earth’s carvings.

I saved a handful of the best Jack collected to be placed in a glass jar and shelved in his new outdoor-themed bedroom. I also saved a few favorites of my own findings.

Discovery No. 2: Jack’s luck of grandparents. He’s fortunate enough to share his exploration years with four willing-and-able elders. A ready-to-go team of loving hugs and encouraging smiles. One night was spent watching fireworks from his blow-up mattress bed with his two Nanas. Another pointing out birds to his Papa, a fellow bird-lover. Determined now to have him soak up time with them, his eyes are brighter when they're around.

 Snuggling with Nana S. (My Mom). He has the softest tone with her.
Discovery No. 3: Jack’s love to explore. Most toddlers love to discover the world, and his fascination with simple things is something to cherish. I constantly remind myself to let him uncover mysteries. After all, this world is brand new and oh-so captivating.

Magical sand.

Relaxation, Oreos and curious eyes with a wildflower discovery.

To Do’s From the Weekend:
Create glass jar of rocks
Print memorable photos to frame
Make plans with Jack’s grandparents

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