What Tiny Mittens is all about...

I may not fully understand blogging or possess a knack for computers. What I do know is how to write, and I believe I’m discovering a new nitche in parenting every day. So, please stick with me as I attempt to share my findings, ideas and advice with you.

I started Tiny Mittens because I realized the time-consuming treasure hunt it takes to find children’s clothes, toys, books, activities and resources that are creditable, comfortable and reliable without sacrificing style for what’s best. As a 28-year-old mom, I don’t believe in giving in to “mom jeans” or having my son wear a Spiderman bathing suit because it fits the typical family mold. I’m not typical. And my son doesn’t even like Spiderman (well yet, anyway).

Why the name Tiny Mitten Secrets? Well as a first-time mom with an abundance of single friends and only a handful of married, I didn't have many resources. When I needed something, I had to dig. During our first Michigan winter as a family of three (well five with the dogs), I was prompted by daycare to provide mittens for my toddler. The only ones I could find were fleece, not lined and not resistant to water. How would that work for an insanely curious 18-month-old? I mentioned my struggle to my son's daycare teacher and she suggested zip-up, waterproof, durable mittens found at sporting good stores. Genius. Tiny Mitten Secrets was born.

Tiny Mittens is for parents, grandparents, caregivers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins - basically anyone who has little hands to love and care for. This blog strives to offer discoveries and ideas without surrendering the coolness that makes us young, hip and ourselves. Just because we’re parents, doesn’t mean we have to lose our edge on awesome.


Courtney said...

fun!!! i've been wanting to do a blog but not sure how to get started. perhaps you'll give me inspiration. looking forward to following. :)

Leah Borst said...

Thanks Courtney! I hope you get inspired too!!

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