Snapshot Series: Baby Finds Food

The post below is part of my Snapshot Series, an e-journal of my children. Like pages in a diary, I'll share the moments of laughter and smiles that keep my world turning. Captured like photographs. So when Jack leaves for college or Ella goes on her first date, I'll have this to remember. Read the series intro here.


Ella: 6 months

Ella’s fifth month in this world was a big one. Belly-laughing. Rolling both ways. Scooting via belly, arms and butt combined. Da-da’s. Feet-grabbing. Unsupported sitting. And finger foods. The newborn is gone. She’s now a curious, babbling baby eager to explore and share her opinions.

Two weeks ago she mastered the finger-thumb to mouth skill. Reaching the milestone well before her brother did at this age. She’s got his determination. But unlike him, she’s also equipped with patience.

Today, she mastered chewing. For a few weeks she’s been stuffing single Puffs in her mouth. Lips smacking. Tongue in a tizzy. Attempting to swollow without gagging. Only to have the tiny dissolving bite slip from her mouth in drool.

Today she gummed up some Puffs. Successfully swallowed. Finished with a cheeky smile.

Next finger foods on the menu: Cheerios, mushy banana, cooked and mushy tofu, cooked and mushy beans, mushy pears and mushy peaches. 

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