Just My Kind of Day

It was my first Mother's Day with two. A simple day. With ordinary activities. But yet my favorite Mother's Day so far. 

After sleeping in until 10 a.m., I found Jack alone on the couch watching cartoons. Justin was putting Ella asleep for her morning nap. Jack's entire face smiled. He leaped from the couch.

"Happy Mother's Day!" He quickly hugged my leg and skipped to the table to grab my gift. 
He handed me a wood slap, engraved with "Happy Mom's Day, Love Jack" and seal coated by Dad. His eyes beaming proud. 

"Now you eat eggs," he ordered. Matter-of-fact.
I laughed and asked him to snuggle a bit while we waited for Dad.

After breakfast, dressing, lunch and naps, Justin headed to his Moms. It was just me and my two babies. We wasted away the afternoon. Jack peddled his trike around the deck. Ella squealed at bubbles. We built sand castles and caught caterpillars. It was just another typical day. And absolutely perfect.

Craft pictured above: Rainbow butterflies for Grandmas. Jack painted coffee filters with water color paint. After they dried, I folded each like a fan and separated the wings with a laundry clip, the body. With a black permanent marker, I drew a face on the clips and "Happy Mother's Day, Love Jack 2012" on the wings. 

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