Down on the Worm Farm

Pinterest is giving me anxiety. I’m overloaded with kid activities, DIY house projects, recipes and tutorial websites.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s a virtual pin board. You create different boards, such as “Keepin’ Kids Happy” and “Homemade Inspirations” (two of mine), and surf the website, your following or followers.  Basically, combining all your – and the world’s - web surfing into one place. I’m addicted.

Lately I’ve been pinning inspiration for finishing our basement. My husband’s current project. But, mostly I’m fixated on children’s activities. Some are super complex. Seriously creative. But, a few are very simple to put together.

This past weekend, Jack and I put one to the test. A DIY Worm Farm. Lately my little guy has been obsessed with fishing. Catching frogs. And finding worms.

 Here’ s our guide to creating a Worm Farm:

Empty clear two-litter or similar. We used a Simply Lemonade bottle.
Fruit peelings

Step 1
Empty the bottle, rinse. If using a two-litter, cut off the top and tape edge with duct tape to prevent scratches. Our bottle had a larger opening so we skipped this. Peel off labels for prime viewing.

Step 2
Add rocks to the bottom. Just enough to provide an area for water to filter down.

Step 3
Add a thin layer of sand. About a half-inch. Then, add about two inches of soil. More sand. Then soil. Keep repeating until near the top. Add water to sand to keep moist. But be sure not to make it too watery!

Step 4
Add a few fruit peelings. We had some apple skins discarded earlier by Jack. Worms like food. Think compost.

Step 5
Add worms!

Step 6
Place the farm in a dark area or surround with dark cardboard. The worms will wiggle throughout. Creating their habitat.

Step 7
Worm, Slimmy and Fatty are loving it. Sure beats the Walt’s Crawlers tub. Now, Jack can check the little worms daily. See the tunnels they’ve dug and drop in a few fruit peels for food. Easiest pets ever. 

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