Six Splurge-Worthy Things

I treasure a good deal. Take pride in our minimal debt. And work from a budget. My dad taught me the value of saving more/spending less when I was little. We frequented Detroit Lions games every year. Would park miles – seriously miles – from the Silverdome. Some business parking lot with no cars or game day traffic. My feet swollen by the time we reached the furthest paying lot. Just so we wouldn’t have to pay the $10 parking fee.

But that’s my dad. Always pinching pennies. I never liked the idea. That was until I became a responsible adult paying bills. And witnessed him relax into retirement. With two houses and a dream come true.

So my family’s daily activities and purchases are met with my dad’s dime-saving techniques.  Even my husband drank the cool-aid. He regularly asks, “What would Jim do?” Joking, but mostly serious.

But there are some things that deserve the extra dollar. The things that sparkle. Add color to life. And most importantly out-last their cheaper counterparts. Splurge-worthy, as I like to say.

Newborn Ella and her stocking from Pottery Barn Kids.
Personalized holiday stockings. My mom still displays my stocking on her mantel to this day. That's almost 30 years of use. 

Jack's one-year photo shoot. Stela Zaharieva Photography.
Yearly family photos. As amazing as a photographer I may think I am, I'm no professional. Plus, Justin always gets my fat face. And I want to look back in ten years. Watch us all change. Grow old.

Jack during the first snowfall in 2011. Hat from Old Navy Kids.
Winter hats. Kids wear warm hats every day in the winter. That's almost six months of cold in Michigan. More than 180 days. Thinking the $15 beanie is worth it, right?

Jack and Ella's Easter basket covers from Pottery Barn Kids.
Personalized Easter basket covers. Same reason as the holiday stockings. You can't put a price on items that make memories for a lifetime. I just purchased cheaper baskets from Michael's Craft Store, then added the more expensive liners. Still a little savings. 

Jack enjoying sparklers during the Fourth of July, 2011 cabin trip.
Family vacations. Again, you can't price memories.

Ella is in Pamper Swaddlers. The fancy newborn diapers. 
Name-brand diapers. We've tried numerous store-brand diapers. My kids keep gushing out. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've heard mom's swear by Target brand. Although, once you've had the "I peed" line on the newborn diapers, it's hard to go back. 


Kathy said...

totally agreed with your list....although we made dd's stocking from stuff from the dollar store. we gave her glue, glitter, foam shapes, pom-poms etc and told her to go nuts. when she was done, we glued her name onto the stocking.

Leah B said...

Now that is a cute idea!!! Worth more than any expensive stocking ;)

Adelina Priddis said...

I definitely agree with most of these...I haven't done the easter baskets though.
I wanted to let you know I gave you a Liebster award http://3princessacademy.blogspot.com/2012/05/liebster-award.html

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