He's Not Perfect, He's Mine

May 10, 2008

Today the hubs and I celebrate four years of marriage. That’s eight years together. Now three towns, two dogs, five jobs and two kids later, we’re still keeping things fresh.

While I could write pages on the traits of Justin that raise my blood pressure, I thought it’d be best to highlight the qualities that keep me smiling. In the furry and muddle that we call life, he can make me giggle. Cause my heart to skip a beat. And remind me I’m not alone.

Justin’s most handsome quality is his handiness. Most guys will claim they know how to fix or do anything, but Justin seriously does. With perfection too. The guy can take a part an entire motor. Properly fix a broken lawnmower. Build a retaining wall. Refinish tile flooring. Understands the furnace complexities. And jimmy-rig just about anything. Hubster-of-all-trades.

The Japanese symbol on his shoulder means “to laugh.” He laughs often. Makes others laugh. But, my favorite is his ability to laugh at himself. And there will never be a day when I’m not joining in.

I’m an outdoors-junky. And Justin’s similar appreciation is an entirely higher level. We both like nature walks, living in the woods, boating, fishing, snowboarding, animals. But, his obsession with the perfect lawn and haven on the 4-wheeler make me envious. Stress-relieving through simple things.

At my wedding shower, everyone joked that it should have been Justin’s. The man loves to cook. Or at least he’s taken on that household daily duty. Every night Justin prepares dinner. Usually homemade too. He even asked for utensils for Christmas. No doubt, our kitchen is where the man belongs.

The best aspect of Justin is his love of fatherhood. He’s truly a hands-on Best Dad Ever. Spends hours playing monster trucks. Offers to change poopy diapers. And would rather spend Friday night watching Finding Nemo than drinking beer. I thought I had the best one. But Jack and Ella are genuinely blessed.

So, happy anniversary babe. I love you more with every new gray hair. And look forward to watching us wrinkle together. May we dance together forever.

Oh, and this is your present. Cheers!

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