Snapshot Series: Splashes and Walls

The post below is part of my Snapshot Series, an e-journal of my children. Like pages in a diary, I'll share the moments of laughter and smiles that keep my world turning. Captured like photographs. So when Jack leaves for college or Ella goes on her first date, I'll have this to remember. Read the series intro here.

Jack: 2.5 years
Ella: 3 months, 3 weeks

Last week Ella discovered she can splash. Lounging in the bold blue whale bath, arms flapping as a penguin’s flippers. Her petite foot, toes curled in, jabbed at the water. She looked down. Focus in her eyes. Unsure of what just happened. Then she sent her legs out in tangents. Little feet sending droplets everywhere. Covering her face. The mirror and towels surrounding the tub. Her face beaming with delight. Eyes smiling. Lips shaped in an O.

Since then her legs have become her most favorite tool. Straightening them constantly. Pointing toes like a ballerina. Within seven days, her skinny little legs have become so strong she’s able to lift her tiny bottom off the ground. Almost pushed herself out of the bouncer once.  A new favorite activity is standing. Supported under the arms, she locks her knees and elbows. Shooting her body into a back-and-forth sway of bobbles. A tiny dancer.

Two days ago, Jack mastered the playset climbing wall. He’s been attempting the task since the set was built 1.5 years ago. My determined little boy. His feet and hands gripping each “rock” tightly until he’s inches from the top. Then, he eagerly pulls himself up past the last few. Too gritty to take his time.

I position my hand behind his back, anticipating a fall.
“No Mommy, me do it myself,” he says with fortitude.

I start to wonder if this is how it will be forever. Jack wanting to do more. Me not wanting to let him go. Missing my baby with each forward step. But so proud of the person he’s growing into.

And within two tries, Jack succeeded the rock wall. Luckily, this warmer-than-normal March weather in Michigan has allowed him to fine-tune the skill. By the day’s end, he’s climbing like an seasoned professional

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