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I consider myself a minimalist when it comes to baby belongings. Only toting around the bare essentials. Our house uncluttered of objects that only see a week of play. No grocery shopping cart cover. No double stroller. No wipe warmer. Just the things we need to survive. Literally.

Little miss Ella joined me at the office today. She’s my easy-going baby that makes working while caring for her simple. I type. She coos at her toy. I answer the phone. She snoozes in the car seat.

So, I thought I’d share what I packed up to make the day a breeze. The Ella necessities to get by. The pink and tiny things occupying my personal workspace right now:

- Soft blanket (for napping)
- Boppie (for feeding so I can be hands free)
- Bouncer (for awake time, so I can still work)
- Diapers & Wipes
- Small changing pad
- Change of clothes
- Couple burp clothes
- Soft bird and rattle bunny toys (her two favorites)
- Little Giraffe blanket (another fav for play. And sleep)

Needless to say, I still felt like my entire house joined me at work today. The changing station on my round table. Poppy on the extra chair. Diaper bag on my desk. And Ella snoozing at my feet. Making today a not-so-bad workday. Smiles!

Ella propped on my desk

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