It's a Wrap

When my firstborn was a baby, his favorite soothing spot was in someone's arms. By the end of Jack's third month, I was a professional at one-handed tasks. Loading the dishwasher. Feeding the dogs. Emptying the trash. Making the bed. I had a Jeep baby carrier, but it didn't fit his standards. He preferred to be tightly squeezed. And mostly rocking. All. Day. Long.

Now toting around my second baby, I've learned a few tricks-of-the-trade. The little niche details that make wrangling kids a little easier. Like the importance of a bottle warmer. Benefits of only rocking until their eyelids flutter. Just before sleep. And, the most valuable item I wish I had with Jack - the Moby Wrap.

Ella is very chill. Lounges on the floor. Talks to the lights. Smiles even when you're not looking. Ah, second babies. Despite her laid-back demeanor, she occasionally wants to be apart of the action. Quietly watch her brother crash trucks. Let the wind breeze through her diminishing baby hair. Or grunt in delight at the ability to flex her muscles through the air as if she's superwoman. 

I do love the Baby Bjorn carrier, but nothing suctions Ell close quite like the Moby. She's connected. Wrapped so tightly, I can do mostly everything. Vacuum the carpet. Wash Jack's hands. Reach towels on the top shelf. Everything short of cleaning the toilets.  

And when I'm not wearing Ella, I can leave it on without looking totally awkward. Makes grocery shopping with two kids a cinch. Well, easier anyway.

Thanks to my bro- and sis- in-laws for being hipster parents and letting us borrow the Moby and Bjorn. Although I don't think either have saved our lives quite like it saved theirs. But, it sure simplifies things. And makes Ella extremely happy.

Do you have a favorite baby carrier? How has it helped you?

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jenscheel said...

Ha, hipster, that and granola are how my in-laws refer to me. I love the ergo with the newborn insert for when they are tiny and it works until they are big kids. But right now when they are so small I use a sling, it keeps her so tight and cradled in her favorite position, instant calm when I put her in there.
Glad Ella is chill and digs the Moby, all my mommy friends in Illinois liked that and ring slings, basically anything to attach the kiddo and let you be hands free.

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