Adding Flare to His Backpack

Jack is a collector. Well, more like a hoarder. The 2.5-year-old has a special fancy for accumulating things. Things that match. Then, he separates them. By object, texture, animal, color or whatever way best eases his mind.

Most days he spends completing such tasks. Collecting. Sorting. Collecting. Sorting.

Recently I discovered Gutzy Gear, which offers tiny patches that allow Jack to take his collecting fascination to preschool with him. A few of his personal passions in life. Frogs, dogs and dragons. His personalized flare to display on his backpack.

Gutzy Gear literally allows kids to wear their heart on their sleeves and express their unique personalities and passions. Kids can collect and stick patches on their backpacks. With a collection of hundreds of patches, aka “Gutzies,” to choose from, Gutzy Gear offers kids the opportunity to collect, trade and show off Gutzies. 

His mouth dropped when they arrived. A big gasp. Now if only he’d keep them on his backpack, they may actually make it to preschool. Regardless, he’s got something new to stack and tote around. Gutzies. And we can plug his obsession with more patches in the future or, possibly, a Gutzy party for his friends. “Oh yeaaaahhh,” as Jack would say.

Add a little flare to your kids' backpack, and visit www.gutzygear.com for more information. And check them out on Facebook! Let them know you heard it here first. And be sure to keep me posted on your Gutzy experience. What do you think about hosting a Gutzy party? Nifty alternative to a typical party?

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