Snapshot Series: Praising My Three-Year-Old

The post below  is a part of my Snapshot Series, an e-journal of my children. Like pages in a diary, I share the moments of laughter and smiles that keep my world turning. Captured like photographs. So when Jack leaves for college or Ella goes on her first date, I'll have these tiny memories to remember. 

Yesterday’s post was all about little Ella. Today it’s all about big boy Jack. My tank. My pillow. And, the first half of my heart.

Last weekend we vacationed at the cabin with friends and family. I watched Jack learn to trace letters from my Dad (retired principal teacher of more than 30 years) and Sister-in-Law (an emotionally-impaired teacher). I had been trying to teach the concept for months. No progress. Just scribbles. But, two teachers later the kid was press-tongued and concentrating. Actually tracing the letters.

It’s easy to let the milestones slip by as a toddler becomes a kid. As Ella’s firsts suck up our smiles, Jack’s increasing abilities, like his knowledge of shapes and amazing problem solving skills, rarely earn the deserved recognition.  So again, here’s a list of memories that would be forgotten if not recorded now:

1. Everything happened “last morning.” “Hey, remember when I went sledding last morning?”

2. When he gets really happy, he sings “Jake and the Neverland Pirates, climb aboard and become a pirate too…” To himself. Kind of like a whistle, but with words.

3. He prefers seafood over McDonalds. Or, really everything. When he was just 1.5 years old, we were in Florida and he ate all of Justin’s scallops instead of chicken nuggets and fries. Request for his third birthday dinner? Crab legs and lobster. True story.

4. Few of my favorite expressions lately: “Darnit!” “Are you kidding me?” “I have a great idea!”

5. Randomly, when he wants something, in a very sweet voice he says, “I love you Mom.” Charm in his smile.

6. He has to brush his teeth after every piece of candy and chewing of gum. By the way, he needs a five-step program for his gum addiction.

7. When discussing my Mom (his Nonnie S) with me, he refers to her as my mom. “Is your mom coming over later?”

8. He is devoted to catching frogs. Thank God we never built that pond in the backyard or I’m sure he would have moved his bed there. Guess I could say the same for finding worms, tree frogs, bugs or caterpillars. Win some. Loose some.

9. He’s full of expression like his father. “I don’t have to eat my dinner!” Arms flailing. Face twisted with the attitude of a teenager. 

10. He doesn’t miss a trick, as my Grandma said since he was a baby. His memory is sharp. Steak knife sharp. “Remember, we fed the birds those marshmallows?” last summer! After a full workday, he asks about the special treat I promised that morning. “That dress is pretty, Mom. Remember you wore it at Easter?” He can recite lines from BBC’s Planet Dinosaur. And, discusses the entire Bubble Guppies episode about the supermarket every time we go grocery shopping. Every time.

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