Bounce House, Crab Legs, and a Birthday

Jack officially turned three on Sunday. One of my favorite days of the year. The one that signified the beginning of our family. And, when my heart began beating outside my body. It was the day I finally understood the best part of life. 

Jack woke to balloons covering the living room. Eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then, the best surprise of all. His very own bounce house ready for use in the backyard. We covered his eyes and carried him out. His sheepish smile spoke volumes. He couldn't get his shoes off quick enough. 

The four of us spent the day in the bounce house. Skipped naps. Fell down. Watched the tree tops. And, bounced some more. 

Not sure how we're ever going to top this year's gift. Or even match it for Ella's first birthday in November. But, the kids' joy-filled laughs made the price worth it. And, the idea to rent it to friends and family for a very low price. 

We completed Jack's birthday with his requested dinner. Crab legs, fish and french fries. And, of course chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. 

So, happy birthday, little bear. Thanks for showing me to appreciate all the small things. You're my world and I will love you forever.

Jack enjoying crab legs with Nonnie S (center) and Great Nonna (left)

Cracking his crab legs


Jackie said...

What a fun birthday!! I wish that my little guys bday (he'll be 3) wasn't in January... not much fun outside then and I'm not sure how well a bounce house would do either!

Leah B said...

Sounds like a challenge!! My vote is for filling a room completely with balloons. Keep me posted on what you do, my daughter's birthday is in November, so I need all the indoor-themed inspiration we can get!

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