Down on the Farm

Before kids, I dreamed of creating the perfectly unique birthday party. From hand-crafted decorations to signature drinks, each birthday better than the last. But, today, our hectic life and crazy schedules leave little room for etching names on party favors and cooking homemade pot pies for 30-plus. So, for Jack's third birthday party I mixed a little of my craftiness with a lot of simpleness. 

He's finally at the age where a party can only include friends. And, it can be housed somewhere other than our home. No prepping. Clean up. Or bombarding of personal space. 

After researching many local places, and factoring in Jack's favorite activities, we decided to have his party at a local petting farm that rents out for parties. The farm, Carousel Acres in South Lyon, Mich., provided the decorations, table clothes, cowboy/girl hats and bandanas, pony rides and personal access to all the animals. All for a seriously decent price. 

I found some trendy farm party invites on Etsy, purchased farm animal paper products, bought a basic chocolate cake from Costco and ordered carryout from a local Italian caterer. The favors were juice boxes and starbursts (Jack's favorite) in farm animal muslin bags I found on Etsy. I finished the cake with farm animal candles, chocolate shavings and gummy worms (another of Jack's desires). Wa-la. Party planned.

Jack and two of his favorite buddies, Caleb (left) and Asher (right).

Farm invites from Dream a Little Dream on Etsy.

Muslin bag party favors from Little Chicklets on Etsy.

Luckily the rain held off, and the kids were able to enjoy the farm to themselves. Chased goats. Rode a pony. Fed a baby cow. And, brushed little ponies. The next morning, Jack wanted to go back. With all his friends, of course. Guess it was a perfect party, after all.

Jack was a little nervous to ride Jackie the Pony. 
Little sister Ella was not afraid one bit. Hoping she grows up to ride horses like her Momma!

Our good friend's son, Asher, took farm duties seriously. Heart him.
The beautiful Rozanski family. Also known as Jack's future in-laws and wife Lucy. Ella's BFF.
Jack's smile face. 
Our other close friends' son, Caleb, 4.
Modified Costco cake. Yep, I did the lettering too.
He gets a little shy when people sing to him.

Checking out the reindeer.

Now on to Ella's first birthday in November....

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