Whale of a Bath Time

Jack loves bath time. It’s probably the single thing he doesn’t fight. Except when it’s time to get out. The 2.5-year-old groans. Belly to the tub bottom. Arms scooping at the water as it drains, trying to convince it to stay.

Due to his delight of bathing, we’ve stockpiled bath toys. In just under three years, we’ve collected enough last ten children. And, as with any daily routines, all his “squishies” (rubber reptiles, dinosaurs, etc.) must take part in the water party. Every. Single. Bath.

I’ve been searching for a bath toy scoop/collector for months. Sure, the usual stores carry the usual turtle bath scoop. But, I needed something more. Big surprise here. I wanted something a little slicker.

Then I came across Boon Inc., started by one mom with a messy toddler bathtub. Sounds exactly right. A few clicks later, I discovered a surplus of innovative baby and toddler gear. From sippy cups and banana peelers to diaper caddys and storage containers. Boon features products for the modern parent. And super unique.

I immediately purchased the Whale Pod, which fits “an ocean of bath toys” inside and can be left to drip dry. Creates less mess. My absolute favorite phrase.

Next up, the Grass and Lawn countertop drying rack. Little flowers to hold Ella’s bottles. Seriously. Too cute.

Have you already discovered Boon? What products do you like?

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