Discover Natural. It Smells Great.

A part-time working mom of two kids, two dogs and a husband, I rarely have time to stroll specialty stores. My fancy for shopping has fallen to low priority. Along with my haircuts, pedicures and date nights. So, I've gone viral. Feeding my shopping addiction by browsing online marketplaces.

I recently discovered Abe’s Market, the online marketplace with great natural products. We’ve gravitated towards organic foods for years, especially with two growing babies. But after Jack’s eczema breakout last summer, I’ve been making a conscious effort to buy natural products. Creams. Lotions. Toys. Anything. And Abe’s Market has met this family’s demand.

Abe’s is currently running the “Discover Natural” promotional program, allowing customers to choose any three free samples. They’ll deliver them to your door for just $2.

I sampled Mayron’s Baby Goods Barrier & Diaper Cream, Babo Botanicals Oatmilk Calendula Moisturizing Baby Wash and Lotion and Paupaiz Coffee’s Organic French Roast.

The coffee tasted as if I had just stepped outside and picked the beans. 

The diaper cream smelled more like flowers. 

And I’ve already ordered more Babo baby wash and lotion. Its worked wonders on Ella’s cradle cap. And she still smells beautiful by the next bath date.

Check out the program, there's a crazy amount of free samples. Join me. And fix your shopping addiction at Abe’s. Let me know what you think! Dying to hear of other great Abe's products.


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