No Butts - or Buttons - About It

This morning, Jack decided he didn’t want to wear pants. Says the two-year-old who poops his pants daily. I was applying my face for the workday when I heard my husband.

“Where’d your pants go buddy?” Justin half-laughed.
Jack didn’t answer. Humming a melody and jumping his new trains across the coffee table.
“How about you put your pants back on?” Justin suggested, as he casually chased the little naked bum around the living room.
Jack giggles.

I started thinking about our yearlong potty training escapade.
“Oh just let him go,” I sigh.
Heck, maybe no pants means yes potty.

It’s not that Jack won’t go No. 1 or 2 in the potty. Shoot, he pees in the potty every time we change his diaper. Has even squeezed out two’s numerous times. He doesn’t fight the toilet. Big or small. He brawls over the actual changing.

The kid would contently sit in his own poop for hours. Walks stiff-legged when his pull up is urine soaked. Will say, “I got to hide. Going poop.” And go to his room until business done.

We’ve tried cheerios in the toilet. His aim is great now. A “surprise box” for every attempt. Just more freak-outs over more treats. Bribery. I’m not ashamed. Different toilet seats, little potties and stools. Doesn’t make a difference. And even the straight switch to “big boy pants.” Pooped twice, peed three times in one day – in his underwear.

So, my last attempt before going completely pants-less? Easy-to-remove clothing. Jack’s mastered taking on/off his diaper. So, I’ve simplified the potty routine by only dressing him in drawstring pants. No more button pants, overalls or jeans. Just cotton pants and sweats. Elastic waists. Easy for little hands to remove.

In Jack terms that just means more naked time.

A few of my favorite pants shopping spots:


Blended said...

We did the same thing with our 2yr old when he was potty training. Worked great! Problem is he is almost 5 (this July) and REFUSES to wear anything but "pull up pants." We mostly have windbreakers but he hates when I ask him to wear jeans or shorts with buttons.

Leah B said...

Glad to hear it worked for someone!! Hope I can say the same soon. If wearing drawstring pants forever means he'll be potty trained asap, I'm all in! :)

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