Snapshot Series: Play for Two

The post below is part of my Snapshot Series, an e-journal of my children. Like pages in a diary, I'll share the moments of laughter and smiles that keep my world turning. Captured like photographs. So when Jack leaves for college or Ella goes on her first date, I'll have this to remember. Read the series intro here.

Ella: 4 months, 5 weeks
Jack: 2 years, 7 months

In the blog world, Wednesdays aren’t for words. Known virally as “Wordless Wednesdays.” But, I have to share a big moment. The kind that catches your stare. Makes you smile. And gone before you can capture it on film. Saved just in your memory. Giving you butterflies every time you remember.

Sunday was the day before Justin left for a week of business. I was dressing for the day. Jack and Ella playing at my feet. Justin’s legs lounged around them. All of us crunched in my walk-in closet.

Laying on her back, Ella caught grip on a sweater belt hanging loosely from above.  The petite 19-week-old whisked it about. Having recently discovered the fun in shaking things. Her delight caught Jack’s attention. He snatched the soft thin belt from her hands. But before we could scold him, he started twirling it over Ella.

“Wee, wee, wee!” He sang. Small jumps accompanying his play.
Ella laughed. And laughed. Straight from her belly.

It was the very first time my kids played together. And the first time someone made Ella laugh harder than being tickled.

It was the kind of simplicity that I hope to never forget. 

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