He Paints His Step

The Jack Potty Training Experience continues. We started the journey months ago, but it already feels like years. Regressed a little. Gave up at times. Then after the pediatrician steered us back on course, we’re again in it to win.

When we started the trek, I discovered the difficulty of finding a unique stool to match my bathroom. We had fit the spare bathroom toilet with a tiny seat, so we needed a stepping stool that was durable and reliable. After digging and not finding a stoop to fit my desires, I decided Jack could create his own (see Stepping Up to the Job).

One night when Justin was traveling, Jack and I dressed in grub clothes and sunk to the basement for a special activity. Add a 2-year-old’s fascination with paint to an uncoated wood stepping stool from Michael’s and this is what you get. Hours of quiet concentration and imagination. I watched, never painted. It didn’t turn out exactly as I thought it would. It was better. It was Jack.

Jack’s back on with potty training. He doesn’t use the big toilet, we caved and bought a little one. I’ll detail our experience in a later post. But although he doesn’t have a “potty” need for the stool, it’s served him well to finally reach everything he’s never reached before. Cookies. The TV. Cooking utensils. Books. To help cook. Or to snag anything we’ve purposely placed above his arm’s length.

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