Baby Girl's Nursery: Peacock Inspired

I feel a little "nested." Now that we've completed the nursery trim, closet & repainting. And I've washed the clothes & blankets. Just needs decor. I need to unpack the bottles, boppy & other abundance of baby that she may use once or twice. Maybe then I'll feel ready. Or maybe I'll continue reorganizing every closet in the house until these next six weeks are up.

Below is the beginning of baby girl's peacock-inspired nursery: the crib blanket from Woodland Rabbit on Etsy. Where the inspiration ignited.

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Anonymous said...

I love this blanket, is there any way I can purchase it? I have been to the etsy website and I cannot find it anywhere...this is the only place I have seen it. Is it still available for me to purchase? Thanks so much!
Ali (alioop4@hotmail.com)

Leah B said...

Hi Ali! I believe it was the only one, but you may want to contact the seller on Etsy to see if she can make another or tell you where she got the fabric from (share this post with her). It's a great quilt, really well-made. My daughter loves it! Sorry I can't be of more help!

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