Love Letters: Papa Never Forgets

Today features a  post to the “Love Letters" series. Capturing thoughts, advice and memories for Jack and his soon-to-be new baby sister. The series is randomly posted and sprinkled among my typical discovery blogs. All from family and friends tied to Jack ‘n baby. All assorted thoughts of love and hugs. Today is featuring a reminsing note from my Dad about my younger days. So many memories that I too will never forget.

Dear Jack,

I remember a lot about your own Mom as a little girl. When she was actually younger than you are now, I used to put her in a little bouncing chair, and carry her around in a back pack. One of the first times I took her on a car ride, we hung out with her in her bouncy seat on a bar counter. I actually was working there as a softball director. On another car ride, I swerved and braked for a little bird flying in front of my car, and I had forgotten to buckle down the car seat. She was upside down on the floor of the car. After I righted her, she was fine, and just asked what happened. She was pretty happy I didn't hit the bird. Another few years later, and she saw a bunny, her favorite wildlife animal. Then I hit it with my car (we think the bunny survived, as it ran away).

One of my earliest fun times with your Mom was in the back pack when I walked around Dunham Lake. At a high ridge, I lost my footing, and we slid down the hill with the backpacked. Leah smiling all the way. Little did she know we both could have been quite hurt.

So as you can see, Jack, as parents we do some pretty goofy things, but we do create a lot of memories. Nature and sports and your Mom were always connected with me, and I think that lives on in her and will trickle down to you in some ways. Bird watching, rock collecting, you will remember some of those things as you get older, but I will remember when you shovelled sand over your shoulder when you were trying to throw it on our beach.


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