Keeping the Christmas Tree

By now, the Christmas lights are off. Trees once covered in sparkles now cover the curbs (or, like ours, the bonfire pit). No more silly tricks by mischievous elves. I meant to get this post up before the holidays. Mainly to catch your inspiration before the tree hit the ground. But, the week before Christmas filled up quickly with colds, Ella's impulsive tubes surgery, cleaning, decorating, baking and tidying up my actual job. Then, wham. Christmas Eve. 

So, hopefully it's not to late for you to save a slice of this Christmas. 

Last year, I read a blog about how one family keeps a part of every tree and we've since incorporated it into our Christmas tradition. Before we toss the tree in the backyard bonfire pit for spring burning, Justin cuts a piece of the bottom. I write all the family members names and the year on it. And then, Justin applies a clear coat. 

The pieces create a uniquely personalized Christmas keepsake. A fun little decoration. Ours accompanies collected pinecones in a glass vase on the kitchen table. My plan is to cut a piece until the kids are 18. Will be fun to see how our family dynamics and tree size have changed.

Happy late Holidays!

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