Nursery Update: Peacock & Play for a Toddler

Recently, we slightly re-arranged Ella's nursery to reflect her growth.  Packed away the burp clothes. Removed the breakables. And, made playtime much more accessible. All modifications were made with no extra cost. Now, her room echoes a toddler's. 

For before pics of Ella's nursery, click here

When we created the nursery, I knew one day we would have to remove the glass shelf above the changing table. The room was previously our office/spare room and the shelf was above the desk for our pencils and such. As Ella grew into her curiosity, so did her interest in everything on the shelf. Trying to change a standing baby isn't the easiest. The shelf had to go. And, something needed to cover the large holes it left behind...

The hand-painted, one-of-a-kind peacock art was originally designed as a corner piece. The artist, a good friend, had never seen the room, but it's like he knew exactly what it needed. Visit artcasters.com for more on our talented artist friend. He's genius. 

We created shelves for toys from unused blocks from Target that we had stashed in Jack's closet. Easy access = happy baby. 

The peacock feathers I found at a craft store fitted the window valances perfectly (previously in a glass vase on the glass shelf). 

We added the letter "E" to the collage above her bed. Out of reach of course. The "E" was also on the glass shelf before the room revamp.

Books replaced burp clothes in the nightstand basket.

So, the remodel wasn't much. Took all of a few hours to do. But, the results are much more functional for Ella, now one. At least we can get another year out of our pretty, purple peacock theme before we say goodbye to another baby room...

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