One Thing We Can't Live Without. Well, Two Things.

Almost a year ago I asked mommy friends, readers and followers a question: "What's the one thing you can't live without as a parent?"  My plan was to take a personal survey.  Compare trends.  Post responses. And compare secrets. Maybe help us all uncover a new trick to help manage the madness. 

As answers poured in, I realized not one response was the same. All were completely unique.  So, I decided to sit on the survey.  Wait until everyone forgot their answers. Now, it's time to see if they've changed!

Back then, my response was my kids' beloved Little Giraffe blankets.  They wipe tears. Calm meltdowns. Stop hurting boo boo's. Are perfect size for peek-a-boo. Ensure my uninterrupted sleep. And, provide the comfort when my kisses just aren't enough.

Below are the initial mommy responses. Tell me, has your's changed?  How so?  If you weren't involved in the first survey, share your single-most precious item in the comments!

"The one thing as a mom that I could not live without with my children was LUVS diapers. They never leaked and never caused rashes. My children have eczema and if I tried any other diaper, instant rashes and leaks.  I hated that they didn't have pull ups as they got to that stage, but we survived and it was well worth it!"
- Full time working mom of three (ages 9, 8 and 5)

"As a new mom to a three-week-old, I would be lost with the itzbeen timer (www.itzbeen.com). I can hardly remember to check my phone for missed calls, let alone when I fed or changed her last.  One less thing to worry about and gives me a ballpark for where we are time wise."
- First time mom

"I couldn't of made it without a breast pump. I worked full-time when both kids were infants and when one developed thrush at seven weeks, pumping allowed me to do what needed to be done."
- Single mom of 12-year-old and two-year old

"I couldn't live without Target brand diapers! They work great, save tons of money and gives me a reason to HAVE to go to Target!"
- Working mom of two girls (ages one and two)

"I fought and fought getting the dreaded mini-van, as I never wanted it and had tried every medium-sized SUV, but they couldn't compare. Of course, I got the van and made sure it was decked out with all the bells and whistles! I don't think I could ever go without my van. Soccer, friends, vacations."
- SAHM of three (ages 6, 4, 2) and a Lab

"Since I have a child with eczema, I couldn't live without Aquaphor. I actually buy the Target brand equivalent to save some money, but it is amazing in helping keep the breakouts under control!"
- Mom of two

"I cannot live without my son's Jump-A-Roo that distracts him while I work. He loves jumping in it while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!"
- Work-from-Home mom of a seven-month old boy

"I couldn't have lived without the video monitor. Although Easton's room is right next to ours, the video monitor allowed me to check on him without actually going in the room. This was great for before and after naps, and first thin in the mornings when Easton is awake in his crib playing, talking, etc, but not yet fussing. It also provides a little comedy when we watch him throwing all his toys and blankets out of the crib, and jumping up and down on the bed.  Lastly, it allows me the flexibility of going outside."
- Working mom of a one-year-old boy

"The one thing I could not live without would be the Fisher Price Rock 'N Play Sleeper. It has been a life saver with the second baby. She sleeps in it at night and is content to lay in it during the day while I help my crazy two-year-old! Plus, it's high enough off the ground to keep an over-loving brother off her face!"
- Working mom of a two-year-old boy and three-month-old girl

"If I had to choose I would say a supportive partner is at the top of my list! Number two, I think, is my rocking chair. Funny that 'rocking chair' and 'Kris' are neck-to-neck for the number one spot on my 'must haves' list, but if Kris up and left, I think the cruddy uncomfortable Target chair that has put in more miles than a pair of spanks could probably help me make it through.  Not really, but I have spent more hours nursing and nurturing my sweet little man on it over the last two years I can't imagine living without it!"
- Mom of a two-year-old boy

"Now that my food-allergic baby is getting big, I can't live without Earth's Best and Naturally Preferred organic baby food.  No soy in any of their products, including cereal (which is very hard to find!). Also, Kroger brand diapers Little Comfies are great for sensitive skin and sooo much cheaper than other kinds."
- My sister-in-law and mom of a 13-month-old (then)

"With a third little lady, our days are filled with playing, walking while holding the sweet little girl and me trying to desperately keep up with dishes/laundry/toys/food prep. I have a SAH husband, so I'm pretty sure it would take an act of God to get it all done without him! Plus, having some kind of snack/treat/distraction on board at every turn can really help perk up the older girls (3.5 years and 19 months) when I can't be available to everyone's needs at the exact moment." 
- Working mom of three girls

"I cannot live without my iPad. Obviously for many reasons, but the most improtant is my calendar.  It's so difficult to keep everyone on task, whether it is school projects, daycare days or doctors' appointments. I have been using the app 'Cozi' and it is amazing."
- Working mom of two boys (ages six and eight)

"With two kids (a baby and a preschooler), I could not live without my baby carrier.  It frees up my hands to help my older child, but still lets me keep the little guy close and happy!"
- Working mom of two (ages 2 months and 3 years)

"I can't live without my iPhone! Not only can I keep track of my grocery list, but also keep the kids entertained with games, music or inter-active learning games while in the car or at the store."
- Working mom of three

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