Why Mess With a Good Swing

Next week I return to work. Which translates to my real life homecoming. No more living in a never-ending fairy tale. The good life will now resume in the evenings and Friday through Monday. Welcome back chaotic mornings. Travel coffee mug. And, daycare germs.

In my return to work preparation, I’ve been noting Ella’s unregulated schedule for our nanny, also known as my Mom. She’ll be watching El two days a week, Jack one day. As a baby, Jack was very particular about life. He liked to be put to sleep a certain way. Hated the bottle. Loved being held. And preferred the comfort of routine.

Ella is the world's opposite.

At seven weeks old, she’s surprisingly on somewhat of a routine. Wakeful mornings. Long afternoon nap. Playful evenings. And heavy sleep-filled nights. She took to a bottle of breast milk without a hiccup. Will sleep anywhere. Loves smiling. Prefers her fist as entertainment. And rarely sheds tears.

Today, my Mom asked about Ella’s particulars. I sifted my brain. She really has none that I’ve noticed. Probably because she’s the second child and has adapted to the demanding needs of her two-year-old brother. One thing I know for sure is she absolutely loves to nap in the swing. Hands down.

Jack hated it as a baby. Only spending time swinging when I took showers. Ella spends all naps there. Which equals a good part of her day. While she sleeps in the pack-and-play in our room at night, she usually ends up sleeping anywhere during the day. Lately I’ve been trying to have her nap in her crib, but found she sleeps more peacefully and longer in the swing. Regardless of Jack’s screeching, ball-throwing or table-jumping activities surrounding her. She sleeps.

So I concluded, why mess with a good swing? She sleeps there perfectly during the day. Why change? As a second-time Mom, I've learned to not mess with a baby unless there are real tears.

Ella snoozing in the swing. 

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