A Backpack Built to Last a Toddler

Our little bubble world pops next week. Jack returns to preschool two days a week. He’s expressed his reluctance lately, but that’s a whole entirely separate blog post. As I packed my lunch, poured the coffee and lugged out my breast pump this morning, I realized next week I’ll start packing double time.

As I eased back to work, my Mom’s been manning the kids three days a week. But, next week we start our regular schedule, which means packing up Jack’s lunch, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, extra underwear, nap blanket & sheet, coat, boots, snow pants, hat and mittens for daycare. If I miss anything, I get a note. And yes, the kids go outside every day. Even in the snow.

Kelty packpack similiar to Jack's
(Photo from Kelty)
Last winter was his first in daycare, and I realized most parents packed all the toddler/preschool nonsense in Meijer bags. I didn’t want to get lost in the mix, so we needed something different. On a regular trip to Target, my husband – perusing the outdoor section as always – discovered a Kelty adult backpack on sale for $20. Kelty packs are typically $60 - $200, so we basically stole it. Now I’m not saying all kids need a Kelty. But the price was right, and the brand was durable. Built to last a toddler.

Now a year later, I’ve realized how ah-mazing the backpack is. Jack uses the backpack when he sleeps over at his Nonna’s house. Goes on vacation. Long car rides. Day trips. Or basically any activity that includes leaving the house.

It’s trendy. Has multiple pockets. Tough. And seriously the perfect bag for the little person with so much to carry.

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