The One Thing I Know For Sure

Today’s post is inspired from a blog I love to follow, Sometimes Sweet:

The older we get, the more certain we get about who we are and what our purpose is.  For me, a lot of it is still unknown, but as I make my way down my own path, I have begun to realize that there are indeed some inevitable truths that I know for sure. On your own blog, write a post that talks about "the one thing you know for sure."

The answer for me is clear. It’s the unconditional love and admiration of my family. Including the little girl who continues to kick the inside of my belly button and the two rescued pups who make the family round.

Pre-marriage and babies, I was career-driven. Wanting to make the biggest splash for my name. My desires today appear much smaller to everyone else, but much larger to me. My toddler saying “thank you.” My husband kissing me to sleep every night. My baby girl as healthy as her brother. 

My future is not what I imagined. It’s much brighter. As my goals changed, so did my plans. There are no more plans. My husband and I are living in the moments. And I’m breathing in every single memory of my family. My biggest accomplishment. My life’s dream in motion.

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