It's in the Bag. The be...bag.

I can’t remember the last time I cluttered a purse with nonsense. Now-a-days, it’s the diaper bag that’s full of it. Gum wrappers. Lip gloss. Tweezers. Multiple pens. Crinkled receipts. And, lost pennies. 

With a baby and preschooler, I’m usually handcuffed to a diaper bag. But lately, as Ella approaches one and potty training Jack is a faint memory, I’ve dusted off my prized collection of purses. My tiny handbags of heaven. It’s my addiction. While most women like shoes, I prefer purses. (Although a sharp pair of stilettos wouldn’t make me frown.)

The need for a bulky diaper bag has diminished for short trips. Grocery store outings, trips downtown or fall clothes shopping now means smaller bags. Handbags. Well, not the itsy-bitsy Coach clutch. Rather the Kenneth Cole sack. But, still an improvement. And, much more my style.

I recently connected with Rhonda of be…bag, an Etsy shop featuring handmade quilted handbags, exclusively designed by her. Rarely are two alike. The best part is that a portion of every sale goes to charity. And, each bag has an “inspiration” card inside. Inspiring purse lovers to be the best and give back to someone else.

My be…bag joins us everywhere. The shoulder strap ensures contents don’t scatter when I quickly snatch a fallen pacifier. Or chase Jack out of the candy isle. The vintage-like fabric is right up my style. Unique. Timeless. And, the handywork is unreal. So durable. And, beautifully crafted.

Holds a few diapers, keys, wallet and snack perfectly. 

Here’s a little more on Rhonda and be…bag. A few things that make me admire her style – and bags – even more:

“I love flip-flops with brightly colored toenails. I sew barefoot and flip-flops easily accommodate this. I come from a long line of sewing people & treasure a quilt of my great-grandmothers, sewn from scraps of her handmade dresses. I'm a self-taught sewer and a mom-taught quilter. Combining a love of quilting, an obsession with handbags, & a desire to help others, bebag was born. A beautiful bag on your arm means you're helping others. Part of the brand has always been to give a percentage of each sale to charities that help others ‘be’ all that they can be. It's all being inspired and inspiring others.
Ella loves the be...bag too.
Like my be…bag? Get one from her Etsy store here, find her on Facebook here or follow her on Twitter here. 


Rhonda Marciniak said...

Thanks so much for posting such a fantastic article about bebag! I really appreciate the support and super happy you're rocking the mini bag!!! Rhonda

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!

Leah B said...

Hi Veronica! Hope you're having a wonderful day as well!

Leah B said...

Glad you like it as much as I like my bag!

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