Unjunking Junk Food. It's Unreal.

I could live off chocolate. And the days I forget to pack my lunch for work, I do. We stopped buying chocolate candy because it’s gone within hours. I just can’t resist. We’ve since stopped buying anything sweet. Our almost three-year-old can’t withstand treats. Mainly Skittles and Taffy. But, his eyes get all gooey, face in a smirk, when we mention chocolate. “Mommy’s medicine,” Jack grins.

So, when I heard of Healthy Child, Healthy World’s partnership with UNREAL Candy, I had to try. Again, I just can’t resist. And this was taking my addiction to an entire new level. An “unjunked” level. UNREAL sent us a sample pack. A large pack. And, it was gone so quickly my husband accused me of sleep walking and devouring the treats in one frenzy.
Jack super pumped to try UNREAL's 54, similar to peanut M & M's
UNREAL has created “unjunked” candy. Meaning the goods contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or hormones, no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), no hydrogenated oils and – best of all – no corn syrup.

UNREAL uses real sugar, natural oils and real milk. It’s delish. Chocolately heaven with more cacao than leading brands. And, the peanut butter cups? Better then the alternative. Hands down freshest tasting peanut butter ever. The sweetest part is there is actually fiber in every bar. Fiber! Three to five grams in each serving. 

Also, as UNREAL says, you don’t need to travel to a fancy health food store to buy it. It’s only available where junk food is available. So, keep looking for UNREAL to fill shelves of local check out lines soon. And trust me. It’s unreal.

Now, if they could create some sweet candy to keep the little guy's satisfaction… 



Monica said...

I recently tried this too! In my quest to occasionally give my kids a special treat that is not loaded with scary things. I thought it was great...next time I'll share with my family!

Leah B said...

I just saw it on the shelves here in Michigan.... trouble.

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