Summer "Bucket" List

There are many days I find us trapped in typical. Especially as we capture the warmth of Michigan’s summer. Head to the beach. Stroll downtown. Eat icecream. Explore the backyard. Blow bubbles. And, splash in the pool.

It’s not that our regular activities aren’t fun. Just normal. And plenty of days we’ve gotten caught in the couch. Thinking of something new and exciting to do. 

I ask Jack, “What should we do today? Something really cool.”
“Play!” Jack jumps.
As if his conclusion is totally unique from all the rest.

So, with a lot of help from Pinterest and a little brainstorming from me, I created a Summer “Bucket” List (as seen on The Home Teacher blog). All the things to eat up empty days. All the spontaneous fun in one place. Science projects, yummy summer treats, indoor activities, everything I want to do with the kids. But can never remember when there’s time to do them. 

Here’s how it goes:

The bucket: I purchased two tin pails from Target’s dollar bins. One pail to choose activities from. One for extra sticks and sharpie for additions to the list. I also place the completed in here to, so we’re not repeating activities.

The list: I found a bag full of colored Popsicle sticks from Michael’s Arts & Crafts. All our ideas are written on a colored stick by category.

Yellow: Outside
Red: Inside
Green: Places to go near home
Blue: Places to go around lower Michigan.

The fun: Jack picks a stick from the bucket whenever we have free time. Rainy day? Jack picks a red one. Free afternoon? He picks a yellow one.  Been stuck at home? Green. Family trip next weekend? Blue.

The to do’s: A few fun and inspiring things off our bucket list:

Water pinatas
Make a play garden
Kid car wash
Nature scavenger hunt
Squirt gun fight
Wash the car
Sprinkler games
Catch a bug for a day
Paper plate ring toss
Feed the birds out of hands
Create a mud pie

Sink or float game
Indoor obstacle course
Soap cloud
Paint rocks
Banana sundaes
Make bird feeders
Puppet show
Scavenger hunt
Melt crayons
Decorate cookies
ABC matt game

Make a bouquet of wildflowers
Kensington water park
Domiano Farms
Feed horses
Plant flowers
Pick fresh fruit at Spicer's Orchard
Local library garden

Visit Lake Michigan
Detroit Zoo
Water Park
Take a train ride
Potter Park Zoo
Henry Ford Museum

For the “how to’s” on some of the mentioned activities, visit my Pinterest page. But don’t forget to become a fan! 

Painting rocks

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