The Fish Learns to Swim

Our summer is floating away. Literally. We’ve splashed plenty of afternoons away at the lake. Fished off the dock. Ate sand at the beach. Hunted for turtles on the paddleboat. And, treaded the slippery rocks of Lake Huron.

We’re a typical lake-loving Michigan family. So our water adventures won’t stop here. We’ve got at least 56 more days of this fun.

My plan was to wait until winter to enroll Jack in swim class. He’s not even three. But, the little fish took to all things water with purpose. So we started swim classes in June.

I signed up for an eight-week class through our local community education program. Saturday mornings at the high school. Just Mommy and Jack. A pool. And, 15 other little duos braving the cold pool.

I wasn’t sure how Jack would fare. I knew he’d favor the pool part. But, I wasn’t sure if he’d soak up the techniques. Prefer the water toys. Or whine to continuously jump off the side.

He did all three.

At our first class, most tots clung to their moms’ legs. Afraid of the ocean-sized pool. Not Jack. He sheepishly griped to dive in. Instantly. I couldn’t get his Crocs off fast enough.

By class two Jack was floating and kicking with reason. Showed the instructor how he’d practiced blowing bubbles in the bathtub. Droplets tickled his eyebrows as he largely exhaled into the water. Class three, we were jumping in. Swimming – assisted – towards sharks and boats.

He now understands the techniques. But can’t connect them together. To stay afloat. Regardless, I’m proud. He listens well. Practices. And, shows classmates not to be afraid.

Eventually he’ll learn how to swim alone. His determination and enthusiasm says so. Besides, we’ve made some new local friends. A group we call “Saturday Morning Swim.” Although none of our future plans involve swimming.

Best of all, we’ve enjoyed quality time every Saturday morning. Just the two of us. Me and my little Bear. Thinking I’ll continue our ritual with another activity in the fall.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your little ones? Do you have a favorite community education program?


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